Hormes - Caustic Dissolving System

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Caustic Soda Dissolving Systems

•    In modern companies safety is an issue of major concern. Caution is essential i.e. during the handling of  chemicals like caustic soda for the cleaning of bottles / CIP. To dissolve the caustic soda flakes in water Hormes supplies special dissolving tanks manufactured both in steel or stainless steel.

•    Safety is improved by a special filling device mounted on top of the tank:
A self-closing hatch inhibits the ebullition of  caustic soda and protects operators from injuries.

•    The standard model has a capacity of 3.000 l. We also provide a 5.000 l tank. Both models can be charged by an optional screw conveyor.

•    Each tank is delivered ready-to-use fully equipped.
(comprising connection to the bottle washing machine, all valves and pipes necessary, motor, pump in lye-resistant steel housing, level probe, cubicle with all required control elements)

•    Optionally the pump can be integrated into automatic lye enrichment of the bottle washing machine.

•    The Hormes dissolving tanks are easily operated and consolidated in design.

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