Hormes - CIP Units

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CIP Units

Beverages are to be filled sterile.

Therefore sanitizing of all facilities involved is mandatory.

CIP (CIP=Cleaning In Place) means in-situ-purification of the hardware by circulating cleaning liquids.

Hormes CIP devices are based on three receptacles containing 800 gallons of hot water, acid and lye each.

A stainless steel pump circulates the respective fluids.

Product remnants are removed by fresh water from the entire filling system.

Both temperature and concentration of the media are supervised.

In order to reduce loss the cleaning liquids can be returned to their tanks.

Detergent remnants are detached from the system by fresh water.

Hormes develops and produces CIP installations with optimum cleaning parameters according to our customer´s requirements.

Our cleaning devices are available as automatic or semi-automatic models.

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