Hormes - Flash Pasteurizer

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Flash Pasteurizer/Processing Units

•    In order to provide the maximum microbiological security and durability of sensitive beverages a flash pasteurizing unit comes to use eliminating germs by heating processes.

•    The heating of the product is effected by means of a plate heat exchanger. The cold product is warmed by outflowing hot water and afterwards brought up to the necessary temperature. The product is kept to the pasteurizing temperature for a determined period of time and cooled down again through the incoming cold product. This functioning of the flash pasteurizer allows a heat recovery of 90 to 95 %.

•    Being the heart of the unit a Siemens S7 PLC takes care of the fully automatic operation of the unit.

•    The control is exactly tailor-made to the customer's requirements and can by means of just a few commands be adapted to the new conditions in case of a change of product. The prevailing pressures inside the flash pasteurizing unit are exactly adjusted to the CO2 content of the product. Due to the higher pressure in the sterile section a mixing of the product inside the unit and the incoming product is impossible.

•    Before delivery the flash pasteurizing unit is for the most part pre-assembled. The main components like panelling, hot-keeping route, pumps, valves and the entire control technology are mounted on the base frame.

•    Each flash pasteurizing unit delivered by Hormes is fully CIP capable.

•    The technical know-how of the company Hormes allows the manufacture of flash pasteurizing units which are exactly adapted to the customer's wishes. 

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