Whatever your vision is, we help make it a reality. Efficiently, cost-effectively, super-fast.

We love our customers and their challenges, with over 80 years of special machinery expertise.

Hormes Palettierer

Hormes palletizers - we like stacking high.

No matter what you want to process, whether disposable containers or returnable crates, we have or build the ideal palletizer for you. Everything about palletizing: inserting intermediate layers, creating mixed pallets with changing layer patterns, pallet transport and inspection, existing layout or new fully automatic system, we are your competent partner.

Hormes Packer

Hormes Packer – reduce it to the Max.

Whether mustard pot, jam cup, champagne glass, can, Tetrapak or bottle – we pack everything for you. Single shrink packer, integrated in existing filling line, complete turnkey packaging line, whatever it may be, there are no limits to your imagination – your costs are: with solutions from Hormes.

Hormes Transporters - we transport everything for you. Except passengers.

What would you like? You tell us what you want to transport – we build your vision. Fast. Customized. Technically perfect and tailor-made: we love every challenge. See for yourself.

Cleaning - Clean, Cleaner, Hormes.

From high velocity retrofit bottle washers with downstream label presses to crate washers, rinsers, pre-cleaners, CIPs, bottle sprayers and simple foam cleaners – we have everything you need for perfectly hygienic food production. Except rinsing agent.

Hormes Abfüllanlage

Hormes filling equipment - consistently customer-oriented.

You have the product, we have the state-of-the-art filling technology. We offer either Genuine Hormes – in-house design, uncompromisingly developed according to your parameters, or “retrofit”. According to your needs, your layout, your budget. Basically, we find the most attractive solution for you in close cooperation with your team and implement it perfectly in no time at all.

Process Technology

We offer the right solution for the efficient production of your beverages.

We design freely configurable systems according to your needs. As individual as your product.

The only thing that remains constant is our quality.

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