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Clean – Cleaner – Hormes.

You know it yourself: Food production does not tolerate compromises in cleanliness and hygiene.

That is why we consistently assist you in achieving and exceeding legal hygiene requirements throughout the entire production area. From the simple container shower to the complete turnkey solution of complex cleaning tasks, we offer you everything from a single source, oriented to your production parameters.



According to your needs, as new machine, retrofit, rotary or linear machine.


Bottle washers


Hormes PreCleanPRO precleaner for retrofit performance increase, applicable as residual liquid drainer, precleaner, rinser and blow-out unit. 


Hormes Foam Cleaning System FoamerPRO – mobile, compressed air driven foam system for cleaning at highest hygienic demands in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industry.

Hormes container shower

Easy integration into your filling line. Optimal preparation for the labeling process guarantees ideal appearance.

Hormes CIP systems

Intensive cleaning of all equipment involved in production, freely configurable according to your needs.

Caustic sedimentation tank

Increases the service life of the caustic soda from your bottle washer.

Hormes crate washers

The economically optimal solution for your container cleaning.

Hormes Solid Press

For example, downstream of your bottle washer, reduce the label volume to approx. 15% with a dewatering degree of >90%. Available in different versions.

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