Lye sedimentation

The contaminated lye from the bottle washer is fed to the insulated sedimentation tank. Sedimentation starts in the tank. After several hours, about 90% of the suspended solids have settled in the cone of the tank. The sediment is pumped off and disposed of. The sedimented and still warm lye is again fed to the bottle washer.


  • Full automation of the system
  • Signal exchange with the bottle washer
  • Reheating of the lye in case of long residence time in the tank
  • Connection for additive dosing
  • Dimensions depending on installation site and required volume


In addition to this selection of systems for beverage production, we offer other Genuine Hormes process technology units, of course all CE-certified and with warranty:

  • Tunnel pasteurizers
  • Chamber pasteurizers
  • CIP-capable pack dischargers with recirculation


Of course, as beverage machine professionals, we are also happy to carry out any kind of service, repair or conversion on your machines. Please contact us.

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