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Hormes palletizers - we like stacking high.

Hormes palletizers are built for you according to the motto “only the best from the best”.

This means that we use retrofit machines from KHS, Kettner, Krones and new machines from Hormes for your palletizing. According to your needs, your layout, your budget. In principle, we will find the most attractive solution for you in close cooperation with your team and implement it perfectly in record time. No matter what you want to package, with our help, you can.

A wide range of Genuine Hormes gripper heads allows us to perfectly handle all other palletizing tasks in addition to all formats commonly used in the beverage industry.

From cement bags to paint buckets – we palletize everything for you.

You have the product, we have the state-of-the-art palletizing technology. Hormes palletizers are energy-efficient, resource-saving, sustainable and cost-effective to maintain:

  • New glass depalletizer
  • Layer pad depalletizer
  • depalletizer for plastic crates
  • tray palletizer, carton palletizer, palletizer for plastic crates
  • Interlayer insertion
  • Creation of mixed pallets
  • palletizing of different products on different pallets, simultaneously on one machine
  • Multifunctional packer: packing and palletizing with one machine
  • Column palletizer
  • Robots, as known from the automotive industry
  • Portal palletizer
  • Everything to do with pallets: pallet transport, corner transfer, rotary segments, pallet magazines, pallet brushing, pallet labeling, pallet inspection, securing technology
  • Fully scalable: our modular design allows you to change your packaging line at any time, there are no limits to your expansion
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply: with us you will not experience “is no longer manufactured”, we have been dealing with palletizing machines for our customers for 85 years and guarantee the supply of spare parts for the entire life cycle of all machines.

In addition to our own designs, we offer modernized machines from well-known manufacturers such as KHS, Kettner or Krones: after complete disassembly, glass bead blasting, galvanizing, painting of the frame components, basic components are exchanged with new parts, new electronics, high quality, and new components.

End pneumatic components.

And because we are also convinced of the quality of our work with our CE-certified “Retrofit Palletizers”, we naturally give a two-year warranty, as we do with our new machines.

As beverage machine and packaging professionals, we would also be happy to carry out any kind of service, repair or conversion on your machines.

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