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Hormes Prozesstechnik
CIP systems
Prozesstechnik - CIP Anlage

Hormes offers CIP systems that are optimally adapted to your cleaning requirements. Depending on the task, the size and degree of automation are designed accordingly. 

The flash pasteurizer
Die Kurzzeiterhitzung

As an alternative to the tunnel pasteurizer, the flash pasteurizer (flash pasteurizer) can be used to optimize the shelf life of beverages before filling. This heat treatment process is energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

Prozesstechnik - Mixer

For the efficient production of your beverages Hormes offers the suitable solution. Optimal results are achieved with combinations of blending and carbonation equipment, as well as upstream degassing. 

Caustic solution plant

For the preparation of caustic soda from solids (flakes/pallets) Wilhelm Hormes GmbH & Co. KG offers a modular plant, which is configured according to the requirements. 

High Pressure Injection (HPI)
Prozesstechnik - Hochdruckerhitzung

Foaming device for beer beverages as a technical upgrade. For reduction of oxygen in the bottle neck after the filling process. 

Caustic sedimentation

During bottle cleaning, it is important to use the caustic soda from the bottle washer efficiently. Our sedimentation systems extend the caustic service life and save energy.

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