CIP systems

Beverages must be filled in sterile conditions. Intensive cleaning of all equipment involved in production is therefore essential. CIP circulation cleaning (CIP = “Cleaning In Place”) means cleaning “in place” by circulating cleaning liquid in the circuit.

A stainless steel pressure pump is used to circulate the media within the system.

To clean the filling system, product residues are removed throughout the system with fresh water.

Temperature and concentration of the media are monitored and can be added or changed at any time by the software.

To reduce lye or acid losses, it is possible to pump the media back into the tank.

Residues of the cleaning agents are removed from the system by fresh water.

CIP systems from Hormes are freely configurable according to your needs:

be it three tanks with 3,000 L capacity each for hot water, acid and caustic,

be it one 5.000 L tank with fresh water or disinfectant,

be it insulated and riveted with aluminum or stainless steel plates – whatever is required, we build it with an optimal design of all cleaning parameters.

The plants are available in manual or fully automatic versions.

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